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Ever wondered how you'd get everyone together to sign a colleague's leaving card, or any card for that matter?


Well, have you ever wondered how to group people together to say thanks to someone special for a Birthday, Christmas, Birthday, Wedding, Thank You, Mothers Day, Anniversary, Good luck, Retirement, general Greeting, Congratulations, Book of Condolence, Colleagues Leaving and more? Problem is you're all miles apart. Well we wondered the same thing. That's where this idea came from.
If you're all online, get together and send an eCard, add individual messages and personalize it to your needs.
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Create your card from a growing range of card designs. Up to 300 user message contributions
All Standard features, but you create and upload your own image for the card header rather use a standard image
All Pix features plus you can allow contributors to upload images as well
max 20 user images

Create an online eCard where friends and colleagues can collaborate to send their best wishes.

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